Wednesday 18th April - I peed in Draculas Castle :D

Once again we woke up early (so going home knackered after this trip) so we could go have a look around the Brukenthal Palace Grounds then head on over to Bran to visit Draculas Castle.

Had a lovely continental breakfast laid out for us in a very cosy kitchen, tasty bread, salami, juice!

Then walked around the grounds (more pictures in separate page above)

The Orangery

Back up to the Palace and main road

A view from above

We set out towards Bran not long after so we'd have plenty of time to go around the castle then head back towards Otopeni. Bran was actually very easy to find and would be described as a Tourist town with lots of places to eat and little souvenir shops.

After parking up the car, we walked up and around to Draculas/Bran Castle paid our 20lei each and headed on up. The castle is actually quite small, took us about an hour and half to go around taking our time and exploring the different bits.

The courtyard in the castle was lovely but one of my favourite parts had to be the Summer Balcony. Would love my house to have a balcony like that :D

Bran / Draculas Castle

Entering the castle / A secret stairwell in the castle

Gorgeous courtyard with well


The Summer Balcony

Gary posing the by the well

A derelict church with stained glass windows

Once last shot of the castle, shame about the wires!

After our adventures around the castle, we set back off to Brasov first to get our spare tyre replaced or fixed, then started the journey back to Otopeni. Sadly the weather was awful, I had hoped to stop on the way back in some of the little villages to take pictures but it was just impossible to stop :(

We got back to Otopeni around 6.30pm, checked back in at the Charter Hotel then headed down to a little italian place for dinner. A very tasty calzone pizze for me and Garys standard ham and mushroom pizza!

Restaurant 'La Iancu'
Str. 23 August, 2, Otopeni, Ilfov, Romania

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