Thursday 19th April - Final Day!

After getting packed up to catch our flight back to the UK at 6pm (Romania time), we did attempt a rather disastrous drive into Bucharest city... a tip, do not drive in! Get a taxi or bus as the drivers and pedestrians are all a touch crazy and possible suicidal!

Bird outside of our Otopeni hotel room

We drove in and drove back out then headed back to safe ground (Otopeni!), where we had a walk up and down the main road. Visited the Nike and Adidas outlet shops (nothing cheap enough that we wanted to buy it, we're obviously of even cheaper tastes lol) then slowly walked up the road to an all you can eat buffet restaurant where we had a plate of pasta each.

Another slow walk back up the road, stopped at a local supermarket to grab some sweets & chocolate as gifts. Also a bag of dog treats (well the pups missed out on the holiday, so had to bring them back a pressie!)

Headed back to the Charter Hotel, who kindly let us use the shuttle back to the airport.
Not much to say after this, did last minute gift shopping in the duty free shop, exchanged and spent the last of our Romanian Lei! Had a tasty burger and chips in Frankfurt (and oogled the Tiffanys shop)

Gary discovering the delights of Bram Bears!

6pm - Otopeni to Frankfurt (Arrived 7.30pm, Germany time)

22pm - Frankfurt to Manchester (Arrive 10.45pm UK time, however delayed so arrived back 11.15pm)

Our trip home!

THEN HOME! Where 3 pups and 1 cat greeted us as clearly to them we'd been gone at least month and not 6 days :D

Belle & Penny

Gadget & Garfield

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