Monday 16th April - Part 1

WOW! Is all you can when you get up and look outside to find yourself surrounded by mountains and snow (lots of snow!).

View from our bedroom

Got up and dressed so we could get our breakfast. I had a mushroom omelette and Gary a "french breakfast" which consisted of a big basket of toast, butter, jam and coffee. He was a happy chappy :D

Once we'd finished up, went and got wrapped up warm so we could head out into the snow. It actually wasn't as cold as it looked and when your trudging through snow which is as deep as it this was you find yourself warming up pretty quick!

Entrance to the Ice Hotel

Our first stop was the Ice Hotel (link in side), which was pretty amazing. We walked up and down the restaurant which had the doors leading to each room going off down each side, it was pretty clear anyone who had stayed had now moved onto warmer pastures and it was empty so took our time walking around and viewing each individual room. There were 10 in total, but some of them were no longer in use as they had deteriorated since opening back in December 2011.

Pretty Ice Trees in the Hotel

The hotel was based on a Music theme with each room styled to a different music genre. We wouldn't find out until that evening which room would be ours.

Music Ice Statues

After looking around the Ice Hotel we made out way to the 2nd chalet where we stopped and had a drink and watched the scenery. There seemed to be a group of 4 males students doing some form of science experiment as they had set up a camera to take pictures every 5 seconds of a certain section of the mountains.

The 2nd Chalet/Bar

We also watched as another group of 4 (a family) arrived on their skis, they literally moved up to the side of the chalet and went down the snow slope that led them off to another section of the mountain.

Sign Post on where to go!

We walked back the way we came and visited the 3 igloos which are across the way from the Ice Hotel. The rooms were a lot bigger and more private, they'd also frozen items like magazines and beer bottles into the ice blocks.

Gary in the entrance of the Ice Igloos

Across from the igloos was what would of been the Ice Chapel, unfortunately it was now closed but I was able to peer in and get a picture of the inside.

The closed Ice Chapel

We headed back to the Chalet, were Gary got a good laugh at me sinking into the snow up to my knees constantly! Seriously, should of taken a couple of tennis bats so I was able to go exploring more. Then after getting dry and warm, we had lunch (Beef soup, then Chicken snitzel with chips.) followed by an afternoon snooze...

I just couldn't stay on top of the snow (for long!)

Gary and his minimal snow sinkage :p

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