Sunday 15th April - Easter in Romania!

Our first full day in Romania and we were up early so that we could get rental car and start our 3 hour journey up to the Carpathian Mountains for our stay at Balea Lac where the Ice Hotel had been built.
Breakfast in the Charter was continental, so cereal, bread, jam, bacon. All very tasty, kept us going for most of the day.

Our journey, Otopeni to Balea Lac via Brasov & Fagaras

Day didnt start off too brilliantly, Gary wasn't aware of the stray dog issue in Romania and that some of them have a death wish. He blew one tyre and gave another tyre a slow puncture swerving to avoid hitting a dog (rather he'd done that then for him to feel guilty for hitting the dog). This meant that on Easter Sunday in Romania we had to try and find a tyre place open!

We made it to Brasov where by stroke of luck we found a tyre place open, run by a little Russian man who didn't understand anything we said and vice versa! Somehow we managed to get a one new tyre and the wheels fixed! The spare however in the mans words was "Tyre Kaput!" :D

Our little Russian mans tyre shop!

So with 4 good tyres we set off to our destination a little late, spoke to the people who arranged our booking and got the people at Balea Cascada to hold the cable car for us!

Brasov overall impression, very busy city would of been nice to of had a look around.
Fagaras that we drove through was lovely, again if we hadn't been pushed for time would of stopped and taken pictures.

First sight of Mountains!

We finally for to Balea Cascada where you catch the cable up to Balea Lac at around 5.30pm. The cable car took us up at 6.30pm

View from the Cable Car Station

Our first night was supposed to be in the Ice Hotel with dinner in the Ice Restaurant, but the lady who checked us in could see how tired we were so she put us in room No.7 of the chalet.
That night we had a very tasty dinner of beef steak with proper homemade chips!

Our cosy Chalet Room

Outside that night

Man walking a great big fluffy dog!

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