Saturday April 14th - Travelling Day

So we started out to catch our 11.05am flight to Munich from Manchester Airport, where from there we'd head to Otopeni Airport in Romania for around 6.30pm (Romania time).

Gary at Manchester Airport

Flights and everything went very well! Landing in Otopeni was a touch hairy as we arrived in the middle of a thunder storm and we could see flashes of lightning around us.

We got to Otopeni where the hotel sent us a shuttle bus to collect and bring us to the Charter (link in side bar) to check in. Staff were friendly and our room very comfy though the view good of been a bit more interesting lol

Our Room, comfy bed!

The 'er' view!

Went out to get food, unfortunately the moment we arrived in Romania it decided to rain non stop, got very very wet in search of food and ended up McDonalds (not quite what I intended our first meal to be).

Overall day 1 ok, but ended a bit damp!

Our little travelling companion

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