Monday 16th April - Part 2

After our nap, we were told that dinner would be served at around 7.15pm, so we got up and once again dressed up as warm as possible. I mean we were eating in an Ice Restaurant, at a Ice table on a Ice stool!!!

The Ice Restaurant (doors going off the rooms)

The Ice sculptures on the way in - one of the Ice Trees had died during the day

We sat down at our table to find another British couple were also dining and staying the night! We chatted away about what we'd been done, when we arrived and due to leave and also what we still wanted to do.

When we booked into the Ice Hotel that morning, we were asked if we wanted meat or vegetable dishes. I ordered one of each so that we could swap! Dinner pretty much was as the menu said:

However dessert was a apple and cinnamon strudel!

Gary sat with the muscians and our Ice table set!

Drinking nummy blue cocktails

After we'd finished, we headed back to the Chalet to get ourselves ready for the nights stay. I really didn't wear enough layers and did wake up at many points shivering! Also we found out that the nearest toilets were in the cable car station... we decided to hold on until morning lol

We got given the "Blues Room"

Our bed

Gary ready and us snoodled up together!

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